Quickly create your own robotic application


YGGY robots are the second generation developed by ip sum tek.
Improving at all levels the initial versions,
they integrate the latest technologies in terms of sensors
and navigation/location software.

The range

YGGY is a range of 3 robotic general purpose platforms for indoor robots (AMRs).
They get the same functionalities:
Localization, navigation, obstacles avoidance and automatic return to the charging station.
They differ only by the size, the power, the payload accepted and the battery capacity.

YGGY 320 robot

YGGY 320

Small, low cost and versatile base for light payloads.
It is a large wheels robot more destinated for narrow and crowed environments.
Width 320mm, 3 wheels, speed 1m/s, batteries 180Wh, payload maxi 15Kg.

YGGY 420

The “classic” round base for medium payload.
Its intermediate size will fit the vast majority of applications.
Diameter 420mm, 6 wheels, speed 0.8m/s, batteries maxi 360Wh, payload maxi 40Kg.

YGGY 500 robot

YGGY 500

Strong base for heavy payload and with a huge autonomy.
Very stable vehicle for the most demanding applications.
Width 500mm, 6 wheels, speed 0.8m/s, batteries maxi 580Wh, payload maxi 60Kg.


YGGY robotic vehicles are reliable, convenient, and flexible.
They support an application in various scenarios.
From the simple carrier-robot to a more complex robot delivering food  in restaurant, our bases can be adapted to any application.

How it works ? How to build your own robot ?

Design your own TOP.

The TOP is the physical payload, fixed above the YGGY.
It expresses your know-how and your business knowledge.
The TOP is dedicated to your specific application and is equipped with its own computer running your application program.
Connect the different interfaces to communicate with the vehicle.
Then you can tell the robot to go to a destination point of the map… Your robot will go this point avoiding safely all obstacles.

Throughout the integration step, ip sum tek engineers provide you with the support you need.



Quality vehicles designed to be simple and efficient without unnecessary features.
Just pay what you need.


Equipped with several technology sensors to detect all obstacles, even difficult ones such as thin legs, low obstacles, stairs, sharp and transparent objects, ...


Sub-parts can be changed in less than 2 minutes.
We keep spare in stock.


Equipped with our Jack Slam© indoor localization. Localize with a single camera turned toward ceiling and upper parts of walls to reliably localize even if the environment has changed.


Need a vehicle larger, smaller or with different functions ? Our robotic engineers can quickly customize any platform because we get a wide range of ready-to-use modules (still developed and largely tested and reliable).




Batteries and station

Interface and tools


At start, the robot explores its environment
(automatic or manual exploration by teleoperation).
Once done, it provides a 2D map of your venue.

What makes YGGY vehicles different from our competitors ?

When designing the vehicles we focused on the extending life expectancy and easy maintenance.

YGGY are professional robots with unrivaled value for money on the market.

The ultrasonic sensors that equip our bases have been specifically developed by our engineers. They are ultra sensitive, dustproof and reliable (the same as for cars).

The navigation is ultra-robust because we use a double localization technology: A VSlam (with a camera turned toward the ceiling) and Graph-Slam (with a LIDAR). No competitor offers this.


YGGY robotic vehicles are manufactured in Europe.
They have been fully designed by ip sum tek Engineers.
They have developed most of the robot’s components – even the sensors – in order to fully handle our technology and provide you with adaptation possibilities that no other product could.

Application sectors

YGGY platforms can be used in many cases and many sectors.

YGGY application sectors


That’s true, we are robotics specialists.
We don’t know about the ins and the outs about the needs of other fields of business (examples Hôtels/restaurants or medical) but we are able to build any robot according to your specifications. Based upon one of our platforms or based upon a modification of it, this work can be done quickly.
Have a look at our page ENGINEERING.

A robotic application can integrate a YGGY autonomous vehicle as an OEM. The YGGY brand will not appear and the client will have a robot as if he had developed it 100%.  

Make the design of the robot (the TOP part).
Screw it above one of our bases.
Insert in this design a computer to run your own application and connect it to the interface Ethernet link.
On this computer, develop the software according to your specific application (this application sending high-level commands to robot vehicle with the help of our API).
You can do this work yourself, with a design company of your choice or entrust us with to do this work.

– A Tag detector (Aruco and Qr codes). 
– Follow a person. To track a particular person walking ahead from the robot (optional module).
– Skeleton detection to detect the posture and position of a person’s limbs (optional module).

Even if the documentation is exhaustive, ip sum tek engineers provide you with the support you need throughout the integration step.

Yes. 1 year.
The warranty does not apply to wearing parts (wheel tires, batteries)

The best way is to buy an YGGY320 platform (which is the cheaper one) and to test it in the indoor environment you plan to use it. Then you can buy any other vehicle of the YGGY range, you will have the same robot’s behaviour.

Simply a YGGY 320 model. Everything is included in the pack (hardware, software, licenses, charger, …). You will receive a robot with its minimum hoods. Its charger  must  be plugged manually in this model (charging station, if needed, can be ordered separately). This robot, even if the cheaper of the range, has the same functionalities than others, only size, max payload, power and battery capacity differ. Follow the Get Started document joined and begin to map your venue.

Because YGGY vehicles are made to be equipped with a TOP-client which has its own design that will cover the entire final robot. The minimum hoods are just there to protect the fragile parts located in front of the robot during the tests where the final hoods are not installed. But you can buy the complete set of hoods.

You can purchase all the sources (software and firmware) to protect the investment you made around our robotic bases and JACK SLAM. Even more than that, we can provide source training so you can be fully operational.The limitation is that you cannot act as a reseller, just use it for your own.