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ONYRO is a social robot that serves people completely autonomously without any human intervention

ipsum tek opens its capital

Design tête

It's the very first robot of this kind. Multi awarded, it is the fruit of several years of Research and Development. Based upon an unique concept, ONYRO is entirely self-managed : Autonomous Service, Recharge, Decisions. It operates 8H continuously before recharging.

Rebroadcast of the interview with Bernard FROMENT, CEO of ipsum tek present on the BFM TV set during VIVATECH 2024

Bernard FROMENT carries out a demonstration of the ONYRO robot for coffee service
This demonstration is only for the purpose of this interview and does not reflect all of the robot’s capabilities.

ONYRO is intended to replace minibars in the hotel sector. Thus it is capable of preparing drinks and snacks alone (using fridges, straws, ice maker etc.) and bringing them to the room after taking the lift and knocking on the hotel guest’s door.

Video of ONYRO working in a hotel

Here is an example of ONYRO replacing the minibar in a 30 room hotel
How it works ?
The customer places an order for drinks, snacks or fast food via his smartphone.
The robot, located on the reception floor, receives this order. Whatever the time, ONYRO prepares it using its own utensils (refrigerators, ice maker, coffee machine, glasses, straws, etc.), places them on his covered tray.
Then the robot takes the elevator, goes to the room and knocks on the door. When the customer opens his door, ONYRO opens his tray and, with a polite sentence, invites him to take his drinks.