Portrait of the CEO

CentraleSupélec Engineer, 30 years of Experience, Successful Entrepreneur 

CEO, shareholder and founder of ip sum tek, Bernard FROMENT has 30 years of experience in multiple sectors: Aeronautics, Navy, Automotive, Heavy Industry, Consumer Products, Education.
Including 14 years of expertise in robotics.

As CTO of Blue Frog Robotics, he led the development teams for the Buddy robot, one of the few French robots with resounding success.

Link: Buddy in Paris Match

A successful entrepreneur, he has created numerous companies and received multiple innovation awards. His career is punctuated with entrepreneurial experiences.

At the age of 26, on leaving the School of Engineering, he filed a patent for automatic gate opening and created his first company. Company then bought by one of its distributors.

In the 1990s, he founded and managed a company specializing in the measurement of vibration signals and developed an autonomous acquisition case that received numerous innovation awards. Company subsequently sold to a Danish industrialist.

Initiator of a disruptive innovation project (ONYRO), he did it again in 2020 by founding ip sum tek. Based on a technological trick, a very simple and pragmatic idea, this project could simplify and revolutionize the daily lives of thousands of people by providing them with a tool that will help them in their daily service work. 

Bernard  Froment, founder and CEO of ip sum tek


He was 12 years old when he soldered his first electronic component.

Since then, his passion for technology and innovation has turned into a vocation.
With a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Electronics, both obtained with honors, he then joined CentraleSupélec where he finished in the top 5% of engineers in his class.
In 2008, after having worked in advanced technologies, he turned to service robotics, an emerging sector at the time.
Developing original algorithms, he brings solutions to this sector. Particularly in the field of autonomous navigation and indoor location.
Seeking neither glory nor notoriety and harboring no financial ambitions, he is passionate. His engine is not social success but the satisfaction of succeeding in what he does. A bit like a builder who has built a beautiful house, who, looking back on his work, feels the satisfaction of a job well done.


«I do not dream of a totally robotized, hard and cold future but of a Man liberated by robots» 

We are living at a key moment in our civilization where technology could be the only answer to meet the greatest challenges that we are and will be facing.

Robotics in particular offers one of the few solutions to the growing global problems posed by declining productivity, shrinking labor and human services in our developped countries.

Our society, companies, nature and ourselves are constantly changing and evolving. Nothing is static. We all know that our world tomorrow will be a world where robots will be ubiquitous. They will be there to supplement us in our most thankless tasks; not to replace the human being in what he does best: bring humanity.

I do not dream of a totally robotized, hard and cold future but of a Man liberated by robots.

Robotics and AI will allow the automation of many tasks, but also allow employees to do more interesting things. We often overestimate the number of jobs that will be lost and forget those that will be created. This will lead to the creation of new jobs that we are not yet anticipating.

Robotics and AI are the tools of tomorrow. They will allow the automation of certain tasks. Using these tools allows employees from all service professions to free themselves from certain tasks to concentrate on reception, assistance and, in short, people.

I would like to have a part in this vision and everything in my  professional background has converged to make it so.